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julia b. hasson

Now more than ever, visuals become an integral part of our communication strategy. 


Your brand is your first impression and should have a lasting effect that can be easily differentiated.

Whether it’s online or offline, keeping consistent design elements will build trust and create a positive brand image. 

I consider myself a visual storyteller. By using my experience as a brand designer and photographer, I strive to define that unique story behind every business. 


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Corporate visual identity has a significant impact on consumer perception.

It creates brand awareness and should project confidence, trust, and value.





Based in Anchorage, AK and Beyond. 




Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel, and currently based in Anchorage, AK. I'm a former student-athlete and a competitive swimmer and had the privilege of representing the Israeli national team around the world before turning to my passion for design. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Visual Design and a Master's in Business Design and Art Administration along with various experience in the marketing industry. I've worked with both small and larger businesses focusing on corporate identity, brand development, and marketing strategies.  

Creating an impactful, professional business image starts with a strong brand identity. I love how by using the right strategies and design elements, you can elevate any business and help strengthen its core values and mission. 


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